Messaging Clarity Call Preparation Form

The following questions will help us both be better prepared for our upcoming call. All questions are optional; don’t feel obligated to answer all of them.

  • Example: Consulting (40%), Workshops (30%), Keynote (20%), Books (10%)
  • For example, maybe your online course is currently only driving 10% of your annual sales, and you want it to be 50%.
  • Example: I always start with a discovery call, which could lead to an in-person training workshop, which could lead to one-on-one coaching and/or online training opportunities.
  • Example: Word-of-mouth referrals (50%), Outbound marketing (25%), My website (15%), Networking (5%), Other (5%)
  • Example: Franchisees
  • Example: Franchisors
  • Think about the problems they may be having in their organization, and how what you offer could help.
  • Explain your motivating factor; your passion behind your business.